“I use to base my self worth on a number on the scale

and my pants size.”


However, I was never thin enough, in my mind, no matter how successful the diet of the moment was.  I could never be perfect.

After baby #3, I just couldn’t get the weight to come off.  That’s when I discovered weight training and eating to fuel my workouts.  I loved lifting weights!  This gave me confidence and grounding that I had never experienced with my other exercise programs.  I started to run, too.  This led to competing in a natural bodybuilding competition at age 40.  You see, I was called ‘fat’ by my peers as a kid and a teen.  I was always the girl on a diet.  Competing at 40 was my way of "flipping the bird"to all those who had called me names and been a part of my disordered eating and low self esteem history as well as telling myself I WAS enough!  I competed for 5 years.  I often refer to this time as the best of times and the worst.  I learned so much, had a blast and made some of the best friends a person could ever have.  


NE Classic, natural bodybuilding,  heavy weight division, 2009

NE Classic, natural bodybuilding,  heavy weight division, 2009

But when I walked off the stage, it was a living nightmare for me. My adrenals were shot, my thyroid was out of whack, my weight was rebounding like crazy and I couldn’t get off the couch except to drag myself to the gym. And then my immune system started to go crazy.  Everything I ate caused an allergic reaction, I had severe bloating/gas, joint pain, and I couldn’t sleep no matter how exhausted I was.  I couldn’t find happiness in anything.

I had to climb back up from depression.  I had to figure out how to make me healthy and happy again.  I wanted to do it the natural way. 

By applying whole food principles, attending continuing education courses, working with naturopathic healers and beginning a soulful practice of mindfulness and awareness, I began to heal emotionally and physically.  It was now time to pick myself up,  find my purpose, my balance, and learn from the lessons I had been blessed with. 

My spirit was calling me. 

I took a sort of sabbatical and retreated.  I became quiet and began to practice the art of stillness.  I began to listen to what my soul and my body needed and I began to practice an attitude of gratitude in all that was in my world.  I discovered my “soul food.”   I had my rough days, but it was a battle I desperately needed.  And as hard as it was at times,

I knew another diet wasn't going to fix what was broken. 


“I gave up wine and chocolate for 5 years while I was competing and I never want to go back to that kind of deprivation.”

By nourishing mind, body and spirit, I began to find my passion for life again. 

I started to love who I am, where I am.


It came to me one day when I was walking, “There is perfection in the imperfection!”

My biggest hope and dream for my life is to make a difference.  To create change and make the world a better place.  To get back to basics of self reflection and simple foods.


I’m now on my biggest mission yet.  To help women learn to love themselves exactly as they are, to see their inner beauty, to radiate and shine from within, to prepare simple whole food meals that taste good, to reconnect with their intuition and to have FUN doing it! 



Life is not about deprivation and starving yourself while you also miss out on all the experiences this life offers.


I had this idea that I had to be perfect. I could not 'eff up and if I did - omg there's nobody harder on myself than me. What this health coaching journey has taught me is our lesson is in our mistake, but in order to learn, we must drop all judgment and just observe.



I’m very empathic and intuitive.  It is very important to me to connect with my higher self and spirit on a regular basis.  This is my “soul food.”


I’m a detox enthusiast.  Detoxing seasonally has changed my life and improved my health.  I am always learning more and more about detoxification.


I’m an entrepreneur, farmer’s wife, mother of 4, pet owner, and wellness warrior!  I’m not perfect.  And that’s ok.


I’ve been where you are.  I get it.  And I can help you manage to find the light at the end of the tunnel if you, too, are ready to ditch the diet mentality and create a bliss filled life!


I’ve been where you are. 

I get it. 

And I can help you manage to find the light at the end of the tunnel if you, too, are ready to ditch the diet mentality and create a bliss filled life!