Holiday MADNESS!

The holiday kick off is just a few days away.  How do you fare during the holidays?  

  • Do you wig out?

  • Do you run yourself silly with shopping, baking, entertaining, hosting out of town guests?

  • Do you go overboard with lavish gifts and stress out trying to find THE PERFECT gift for that special person?  

  • Do you find yourself so tired by the end of the day that you can't even sleep?  

  • Do you dread some things you feel obligated to do which leaves you feeling too drained to enjoy the things you love?  

Me, too!  Well, not really so much anymore.  But, I watched my mother do this and thought I had to follow the lead.  And what I found is that I don't like waking up on Christmas morning with a sore throat and the flu by New Year's Eve.  

I found I don't have to bake a sh*t ton of cookies for my children to still be happy.  

I learned it is OK to say NO to some invites that didn't trip my trigger.  And, NO, I don't have to have an excuse.  

I am working hard to put the JOY back in the holidays this year.  Part of this is going to be to rewrite and redefine what the holidays mean to me.  


Here's how you can find your passion and start to prioritize your holiday.  Grab your pen and paper....

What are 3 things that you truly LOVE about the holiday season?  

What are 3 things that you DREAD doing or only do because you feel obligated?

What are 2 things you can let go of?  

What 1 thing can you say, "NO, thank you" to?  No guilt, no excuse, no explanation.  Just a simple, gracious, NO.


This is a good place to start.  And if you need more support, (because let's face it, saying NO is HARD shiz), I created some space in my own life and calendar to give you my undivided attention for 28 days!  

Check out my special, HOLIDAY BLITZ


Don't go through another holiday feeling like you were the one who got run over by the reindeer.  I know you make your holidays sparkle and shine, but this year, learn to make YOU sparkle!