Facebook Detox Week 2!

As many of you already are aware, I decided to do a MEDIA DIET/DETOX beginning this December.  So far, I'm pretty amazed at the transformation that is occurring for me.  

I'm super surprised at the increase in my physical energy levels.

My moods are more zen-like.  What this means is that I feel more grounded, in touch with  myself.  I'm able to determine with greater ease if something is in my best interest or if it's best to pass.

I find I want to reach out to people personally and make a true connection more.  This gave me a little insight as to why my husband always needs to be so damn social.  He's not on Facebook.  ;-) 

I feel a stronger sense of self.  It's so much easier to make a decision or a choice that is in my best interest as I'm more connected to what I want to feel.  I tend to get inundated with opinions, experiences, comments, comparisons, etc by being on social media which is a pretty common issue with other empaths.  It's very important to clear, protect and shield your energy field/aura even when hopping online to check your newsfeed.  It can be filled with muck and ickiness that you don't want to carry around with  you.  This was a pretty big revelation for me!

I am getting my FOCUS back!  Which simply means, I'm more productive with my work tasks.  Facebook has a tendency to pull my attention all over the place which leaves me anxious, tense and frustrated by the end of the day.  

Now, don't get me wrong.  I do enjoy a good dose of fun on Facebook and I love facilitating my groups, but I feel my life is so much more enriched without it!  I'll go back, but I'll go back in a new way.  

Which brings me to my next point:  

2016 resolutions

This detox for me has been all about reconnecting with myself.  

What do I want?  

What do I need to release?  

And really importantly, how do I want to change up my programs for the new year?

I participated in an online course last week that was all about taking inventory of 2015 and looking into the future to what we want to create in 2016.  What a great idea!  As I looked back over 2015 in gratitude of what I had accomplished, but also appreciation for where I am now and what didn't happen, I was able to see how much PERSONAL GROWTH happened for me.  My key word: 


As I look forward to 2016, I see that all that I learned last year, all that I practiced, incorporated, attempted, will now be EASIER and I can just roll with all the juicy good bits that I'm planning.  #woot

I will be participating in a Bringing in the Light Ceremony with a local Shaman this weekend.  I've worked with her before and she's amazing, but I've not done this ceremony before.  This ceremony is about releasing what no longer serves our highest good, bringing in the new that we want to focus on, appreciating all the gifts we have received and those that are yet to come.  I'm pretty pumped about this ceremony!  

I'd love to help you with your 2015 inventory and setting intentions for a great 2016!  

I'm offering a special VIP, private coaching session now until January 31, 2016.  

Email (tori@you-by-design.com), text or call 660-631-1099 for details and scheduling!  


I hope 2016 is ready for me!  I'm ready and pumped for it!!!  

"Comfortable repetition leads to Empowered Action!"  ~Tori