Step away!

I found myself depleted mid November.  Lost, confused, super low energy.  And I didn't like it!  I was determined to find my passion again.  

2014 was a big year for me.  I hired my own coaches and recreated my website,  took my coaching business online, completed 2 higher level coaching courses.  In a nut shell, I did some major transforming of my own.  I coached.  I was coached.  And I dug deep into my own limiting beliefs and fears.  

I've learned this year how intuitive I am when I coach.  I've learned and continue to learn to trust my clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts.  I've been blown away by the accuracy of those things that I just know.  And I've started to bring more of this, more of my authentic me, to my clients and programs.  

But when I started to feel dull and low by mid-November, I was confused.  I suspected the drama, hate, judgement and negativity of social media was a big part of my problem.  I was spending a lot of time helping people in groups, facilitating groups and sharing information on my page which is all fine and good, until it's not.  I was overstimulated and my energy space felt invaded by Facebook drama.  

I decided to STEP AWAY.

Welcome, December!

This is my month for me.  It wasn't practical to go on an "Eat, Pray, Love" adventure, so I watched the movie instead and made a commitment to recharge, recreate, refocus and redefine me and my programs.  Determined to detox from social media, I set December 1 as the start.  I announced my plan and my absence the day or two before.  And then I walked away, only to check messages now and then.  NO STATUS UPDATES!

Day 1:  Withdrawal, but giddy with excitement at such a bold move.  I must admit, I wasn't sure what to do with all the extra freed up time.  But, I set the goal to meditate daily and learn a new tarot deck.

Day 2:  I started a 3 day juice cleanse, meditation and working with Archangels.  Let me just say that working with angels is one of the most healing experiences I have had.  I was feeling better by noon, already!  I was amazed at my energy levels.  

Let's fast forward....

I completed my 3 day juice cleanse having been the most compliant as ever!  I'm pretty pleased with myself.  It wasn't that hard this time around.  It was interesting to learn that after 2 days of juices, I wanted warm and savory...juices are cold and sweet.  My remedy for this was to drink some freshly made bone broth and hot herbal teas.  

Another goal for this mission was to find my holiday cheer again.  It's been lost for a few years now and when my children make comments like, 

"We know, mom, you hate the holidays!"

Gasp! It made me very sad.  This is NOT what I want them to remember me by and I certainly don't want to spend future holidays alone and grumpy.  Hell no!  I want to bring excitement back.  And to do that, I had to create a list of things that I love about the holidays.  

My holiday WISH LIST

Sparkly lights!

Christmas Eve mass

Eggs Benedict and Mimosas on Christmas morning

Christmas music

1 Party:  We can typically fill all of our weekends with parties and social gatherings, but this is overwhelming and stressful to me, even if they are fun. I decided I would not attend any party that I wasn't truly over-the-moon excited about going to.  Period.  This isn't personal to the host, this is based on how I feel energetically that day and if it is something that will give my soul joy or take me farther away from a soul centered life.  I decided 1 party was all I had the energy to commit to this year.  I told you, I'm feeling super drained!

Fancy dinner in the city with my husband and children

Baking:  This is something I quit doing right after I was diagnosed with all my food intolerances.  I couldn't have any of the ingredients in our family traditional recipes.  Yep, that sucks the life right out of baking and holidays.  This year, my goal is to try a  few new gluten/dairy free recipes and to bring back a few family favorites.  Yesterday, I spent the afternoon making my version of Party Mix.  Go me!

Sitting in the dark, gazing at my Christmas tree.  Yes, this makes my soul happy.  I used to sleep on the sofa in the formal living room so I could look at the tree all night when I was growing up.  I'm telling you, I love sparkly lights!   

A few things I'm adding to feed my soul this December are spiritual ceremonies to release this past year and welcome in the next.  One is online and one is in person.  I'm really excited to participate in these and can't wait to see what new soul food these bring to me.  Don't worry, I'll probably share my experience.  

This is just the 2nd week of December and I'm already feeling so much better.  It just never really dawned on me how important it is to shield and protect my personal energy space (aura) from the effects of social media, EMF from the computer and even working with clients over the phone.  Energy is everywhere and we are always affected by it.  

I'm so excited to be doing an at-home personal retreat and focusing on soul food and self care!  


Because with all that I learn from my meditation, detox, self care and angel work, I'm planning to incorporate into my VIP programs in 2016!  I want to help women who are yearning for a deeper spiritual connection to their higher self, to Divine, to universal energy find that connection. This, THIS, is what my programs are going to be about.

This is how to feel confident, empowered and build a stronger sense of self.  And for that end result, I'm happy to be the guinea pig!  

I intend to keep you updated on this process, so check back!  I'd also love to hear from you.  Ask your questions or comment below.

What are your top 3 most beloved holiday traditions?  

What is one thing that doesn't give you joy that you could give up this year?  It doesn't mean you have to give it up forever, but is there something that you dread doing?  I challenge you to LET IT GO.  STEP AWAY! 

Share in the comments below....