You want what?!

I often start my client sessions with a check in.  What's new?  What's GOOD in your life?  And then we move to WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE to have in your life?  

Often times, this is a clear cut answer, such as:  

I want to lose x pounds.  

I want to be more connected with my partner.

I want to decrease my cholesterol levels, reduce the medications that I'm on and simply to learn healthier lifestyle habits. 

I'm so confused on what to eat, I need help with this!

But, for many of my clients, it's a simple:  I DON'T KNOW???

  Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you discover what it is you might want:

1). What are my intentions for this day?

I have discovered that setting intentions for my day before I get out of bed, helps me to stay on track.  Whether it's simply to nourish my body with food that makes me feel good or it's to be sure to move my body in a way that I enjoy and look forward to, setting intentions helps.  This is a much kinder, self loving way to set goals versus saying to yourself, "I'm not going to eat sugar!"  And when you do, feeling guilty, beating yourself up, etc.  Yuck!

2).  If I could wave a  magic wand and have my dream life, what would that look like?  

This is a great journal writing question!  When you can start to see what you want your life to look like, you can begin to create it.  That's right!  You have to have a map to follow in order to know which baby steps will get you there.  Yes, gorgeous, baby steps do matter!  Start mapping out your dream.  

3). How do I want to FEEL?

Oh yeah!  Let's think about this for a minute.   Make a list of all the feelings you want to experience in your day/week/month/year:  flat tummy, love, warm, fluid and flexible, lean, strong, empowered, clean on the inside, etc. Look at your list, feel these feelings, emotions you want to experience.  Really FEEL them in your body.  Experience each feeling and how your body feels.  Go ahead, get connected.  Ahhhh.....doesn't that feel good?!  Here's your scenario:  You are reaching for that bag of Chips Ahoy.  STOP and ask yourself, will this cookie result in the experience I am wanting to create or will it result in the opposite feeling.  The feeling I've been experiencing but want to change?  Now you have a CHOICE.  Eat the cookie, eat several, eat the bag, or put them away.  But, when you choose how you want to feel, you are empowered.  No matter what your choice is!  Doesn't that feel good?  

Give these simple, although life changing, questions a try in your life.  I'd love to hear from you!  Post your comment below and tell me how YOU want to feel in your life.  What are your intentions?  How about your dream life?  

Would you like more direction and strategy around how you want to feel and what you want to create in your life?  Schedule your Blocks to Bliss strategy session with me.