Not to get all woo-woo, but....

I do have a woo-woo side.  

I've always been empathic and intuitive, but I haven't always been open to that side of myself.  Why?  Because it was frightening at times, it made me different from my friends, and I simply didn't understand what was going on.  

But a couple of years ago, I found myself in a very strange place.  I no longer felt joy from my normal activities and I retreated.  My **soul** was hungry.  I needed a deeper connection to the world around me.  This connection began with writing in my journal, reading law of attraction books and setting intentions.  After practicing this and developing a stronger connection with universal energy, I was then drawn to developing my intuition which was beginning to scream LISTEN TO ME!

I found myself in several e-courses to help me learn how to manage psychic ability, to learn tarot, moon rhythms, chakras, and crystal healing.  I was a true NON-believer in crystals.  Until I started working with them.  Holy wowsa!  I'm a stone addict.  Completely obsessed and mesmerized by my stone/crystal collection.  Here are a few that I keep on my desk to help me connect with spirit and Divine guidance (within us all, by the way) and to help me be more intuitive in my coaching.  

Aren't they gorgeous?

There are crystals to help with healing our bodies, connecting with our angels and archangels, aiding in releasing emotions and old hurts that no longer serve us, stones to ground and protect or stones to open our heart chakra to more love and abundance.  I love sharing my crystal knowledge and giving crystals to my family and friends.  What a lovely and fascinating gift from the earth!

I work with many empathic women.  Empaths are people who absorb the energy of those around them or who take on the feelings of those they are in close physical contact with.  For example, have you ever had  your mood shift for the worse after watching the news?  What about drama on social media?  Do you have a friend who is stuck in a rut and always complains, then you find yourself diving in to a box of donuts and have no clue why?  What about a bag of chips at the end of the work day?  Chances are you are empathic, too.  Do you love the mall and crowded areas or do you find your emotions shift and you get anxious or irritable for no apparent reason?  I'm betting you are empathic!  And crystals can help you with this by protecting your personal space and setting up an energetic shield.  

There are so many amazing, fascinating, awe inspiring woo-woo tools that help us connect to spirit, God, universal energy and the love of angels and guides!  Crystals and stones are only one small piece.  I'd love to share a specific stone recommendation with you.  If you're interested in this kind of modality to help you with a specific concern, comment below or shoot me an email:   We can schedule a chat and discuss some strategy for you, your particular concern, and see what crystal might help you understand, overcome and release with greater ease.