Coming out...

Life is a roller coaster ride sometimes, isn't it?  Full of twists, turns, upward climbing and downward free falls.  That's what makes it exciting, right?  

Sometimes we come to a crossroads and we aren't sure what direction we need to take.  This is when it is so helpful to connect with your own intuition for guidance.  

I have always worked with my clients to listen to their body's feedback regarding energy, sleep, mood, digestive wellness when it comes to the food they put in their mouths, but I have yet do what I was put on this earth to women connect with their own intuition, Spirit and the Divine within.  

Over the past few years, I have openly embarked on a journey that has changed my life. I was sick with adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto's, leaky gut and food allergies.  I was a mess!  I worked hard from a physical standpoint to create health again in my body and what I found was that my soul ached.  

I remember the first time I felt this deep yearning in the pit of my being.  It was for the OCEAN.  I felt that if I didn't get to the ocean asap, I was going to wither and die.  I am so grateful that I have a husband who 'gets me' even when he doesn't.  He agreed to take me to the beach.  

I still remember how my soul jumped for joy.  I felt renewed, rejuvenated and completely at peace and restored.  I can't even fully explain the depth of healing that happened for me. 

Fast forward months, to years....

I'm feeling that same yearning in the pit of my being for more.  More to life, more to me, more to my earthly purpose.  I had psychics and spiritual healers randomly reach out to me and offer assistance.  I took a few spirituality courses, metaphysical practitioner courses as these were all new and exciting experiences for me.  I worked with a Shaman.  I had several past life readings done.  And my soul was giddy with happiness.  

I learned tarot and Reiki and became obsessed with crystals and essential oils.  

I'm learning that so much of who I am is so deeply routed in my personal spiritual connectedness and so much of what is missing for many of my clients is this very thing.  I learned that I am empathic.  I FEEL and ABSORB the emotions of those around me.  This makes it very difficult to be in crowded places.  That can throw me out of kilter for days!  This is not something many talk about or recognize, but I know most of my clients have been empaths and

energetically so sensitive that their health and weight issues are related to not knowing how to protect and nurture this sacred gift.  

I am changing.  My coaching practice is changing.  The way I help my clients is changing.  I am getting that feeling again.  A YEARNING.  This feeling reaches deep into the depths of my soul and calls to me so loudly, bringing so much emotion with it. 

I used to pray to God to help me shine my light out to the world so that others could feel what I felt on a soulful level.  I wanted everyone to feel the light within.  I thought everyone prayed for this.  My husband, with a look that says, 'You've lost your mind', informed me that no, not everyone.  I'm still trying to figure out how I am meant to teach this, because I know this is my mission in this lifetime.  

I started learning tarot cards.  I was afraid of them when I opened my first box.  I have several decks now.  And I found one that I love.  It's the ANGEL TAROT by Doreen Virtue.  It's beautiful, loving, gentle, positive and it speaks to me.  I have started giving Angel card readings and have had such amazing feedback.  These messages have provided answers and guidance to my friends on such a deep level.  I am truly moved.  And my soul, again, is happy.  I feel this is one way I can share my light with others.   I will be offering this as part of my programs in the future and even as a stand alone service with coaching.  

I have begun tarot readings in my Facebook Group <-----click to join.  I do a Tarot Tuesday card reading, angel message or something with crystals that day.  

I have found that we are very spiritual beings in a human body.  I'm have found that through healthy lifestyle practices, whole food, clean water and detoxing, I am able to connect with my soul, my spirit, on a much deeper level.  By learning ways to protect, ground and clear my personal energy field, I have learned my digestion is better.  My stress related health issues have improved.   THIS is what I am here to help you with.  



If this sounds like you or you can relate and have no idea where to turn, I'd like to speak with you.  Reach out.  You deserve to RADIATE, live a BLISS-filled life, healthy, wealthy and whole.  It starts with food, but it is not ALL about the food.  We need SOUL FOOD, too.  

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