I'm listening. I understand. I can help.

I'm hearing from so many of my clients and women I've been talking to that they are so tired of feeling like an outsider.  

So tired of being told they need to toughen up, let it go, get thicker skin.  

They've resigned to the fact that they're the WEIRD one. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the emotions, drama, negativity, energy of the world and people around you, you get what I'm talking about. If you avoid the news, the mall, large social gatherings like the plague and feel much more at ease entertaining yourself, you know what I'm talking about.  

Do you attract energy vampires?  Negative Nancy is your best friend and she'll suck the life right out of you.  Do you even feel swept up by your spouse and kids?  

It can happen!  You are not alone.  You are simply a highly sensitive, empathic beautiful soul.  And your sensitivity is a gift....IF and WHEN you learn to manage it and see it with positivity.  

I'm a sensitive person and it has taken me years to understand and recognize that I'm an empath.  When I was a child, I used food to help me feel better.  I always feel things in the pit of my stomach.  It wasn't always safe for me to speak my truth, or my mind, so I shoved those feelings/words/thoughts down with food.  

And then food became my enemy.  

I dieted.  I starved.  I made food 'bad'.  I celebrated when things were good.  I had created a huge emotional attachment to FOOD.  And when I started to get more fitness oriented, food had it's limits.  Restrictions.  And I was able to break the emotional ties.  

But, I was still left with an overwhelming sense of chaos in the pit of my stomach.  Lack of feeling grounded.  Lack of self esteem and knowing who I was.  And I had to find new ways to set up person boundaries.  

It all began when my body said, STOP by breaking down with Hashimoto's, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, and food intolerances that turned my world upside down.  Life as I had been doing it, was no longer working for me.  I had 4 children, my parents went through a nasty divorce (yes, it affects even adult children), we moved, and now this?  

I started over.  I had to heal my body, but I also was given a chance to redefine ME.  My soul was screaming to be heard.  This is exactly what my body had been trying to tell me, too.  

I started coaching clients 1:1.  I started to get lethargic again, felt bogged down, developed more digestive issues, skin rashes, weight gain.  Ugh, again?!  Wasn't I over that?  Nope.  Because I forgot about one very important thing.  I'm an empath.  And I didn't know how to put in place PERSONAL ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES.  

I began focusing on my thoughts and I really started focusing on what my SOUL needed.  Every Sunday morning, I would ask, "What do you need today to feel nourished and restored?"  Sometimes it was reading a spiritual book, sometimes it was journal writing, a detox bath, breathing, yoga, a long walk. Sometimes it was absolutely NOTHING!  I mean, stay in your jammies all day, watch mindless tv and order out for dinner nothing.   

The more I fed my soul by listening, the more I began to understand.  The stronger I became in who I was.  Then something fascinating happened.  I started to be able to separate what was MINE from what belonged to OTHERS.  

I learned that I needed to CLEAR/GROUND/PROTECT my energy between clients, when using social media, when watching the news, before my kids come home, before leaving my house.

I can't express to you the gratitude I have for all the mentors, peers, healers whom I have worked with who have helped me along this process.  There is hope for those who feel too much!  You are so very much needed in this world to make a difference and be the change we so much want to see, but you can't do that if you can't leave your house or find joy in the simple things because everything feels too overwhelming.

I'd like to share with you one of my techniques: 

1). Visualize pure white light coming from God/Source/Heaven/Buddha (whatever, whoever your source of creation is) and entering the top of your head.  Bring this white light into your body, letting it clean all areas, all chakras.  Breath it in as deeply as possible and let it swirl, cleaning all the dark areas, casting light on crevices that are dark.  Feel this pure light of love filling you will positive energy, love for all, and peace.  

2). Take this white light down through your legs to the bottom of your feet and shoot it into the earth.  I like to envision sparkly, silver strong yet flexible threads curling into the ground and rooting me there with flexibility.  You are now connected to Divine guidance and Mother earth.  

3). Ask, "Please clear me.  Please clear my body.  Please clear my mind.  Please clear my soul."  Repeat as often as you feel you need to.  You are now cleared and grounded.  

4). The next step is to protect.  There are many ways to do this, but my favorite is by adorning my body with beautiful shiny copper or gold mesh body armor.  You can imaging yourself in a protective bubble, white light, pink light (this is great when you want those around you to feel love) and sometimes I imagine I'm behind mirrors.  Play with it!  There is no wrong way.  There is only the way that makes you feel grounded.  

5). This may take time and lots of practice.  So start practicing!  Breathe and notice how you feel when you're in the grocery store, the mall, family gatherings.  The effect can be subtle at first, but you will notice.  

For more tips on grounding and feeling safe when you feel like an energetic sponge and the world seems too overwhelming to engage in, grab my free guide:

5 Ways to Feel Grounded  Beginner Strategies for the Empathic Woman