Blessings or pity?

What a wonderful start to 2016 the past 2 weeks have been.  I hope you are all feeling the same way.  I'm still beyond words how much my social media detox enriched my life.  Holy wowsa!  I honestly had no clue how engulfed I had become.  

During my time away, I made a promise to myself.  A promise to do more.  

To fill my life up with things I never felt I had time for.  

Things like:

  • Breathing (ok, we all have time for that, but I mean DEEP breathing and breathe work)

  • Meditation (even if it was only a quickie...5 minutes was OK)

  • Deepening my spiritual practice each day doing whatever my soul craved

  • Working with angels

  • Self care as a super top priority (massage, facials, and even more simple things like relaxing in a warm bath with essential oils, sea salt, a book and a good glass of Pinot Noir....or a mimosa if it's Sunday)

  • Doing less and doing those things that had the most meaning and positivity around it

I made sure that I read books for fun, for education and for Spirit.   Can you tell I'm a nerd?  I always have a book in my hand.  

In one of my readings, I learned that if we PITY another, we are out of alignment with our Christ self, our Divine self.  I began to pay attention.  How often was I falling out of alignment and dimming my inner light?  Quite often....

  • The homeless man on the corner

  • The messy, unkept, non-matching clothed child

  • The teen who never has a parent attend their events

You get the picture and I'm sure you have your own list of people you pity.  I invite you to start noticing when you are in judgement and you pity another for his/her position in their life.  

Fast forward......

Last week I had the honor of meeting a past client for lunch.  We chatted and caught up on life.  She shared with me that she enjoys "My 600 Lb. Life."  I'd heard of it, watched it maybe once or twice, but it makes me too sad and tugs at my empathic heart strings.  But I'm in a different place now and I've got a much stronger sense of self than I did a year ago.  I've even been congratulating myself on how well I managed my personal energy space over the holidays.  Big time progress!  Anyway.....

Last night I had planned on a little "ME-TIME" with a good book and a glass of good wine, but my Kindle was dead.  Enter Plan B:  tv.  What happened to be coming on?  "My 600 lb. Life."  You betcha I tuned in!  I had to see what my client was so intrigued by.  

And it happened.....PITY.

My heart ached for Nikki.  I was overwhelmed with wanting to help her, to rescue her, to help her see her beauty.  I kept thinking how pretty her face was, how intuitive and highly sensitive she must be to be protecting herself with so much weight.  I kept thinking if she only knew how to connect to her highest self, she might be able to make different choices.  I felt so SORRY for her!

Then I remembered the LESSON.

It's funny how we all do things intuitively, yet we may not recognize that is what we are doing.  I was gifted the most beautiful rose quartz wand for Christmas from a very dear, special friend.  During this tv show, I had gone to my room and grabbed it to hold.  I thought to comfort me, but it really ended up to be about Nikki.  You see, the rose quartz reminded me that Nikki needed LOVE.  She didn't need pity.  Pity will help her with nothing!

LOVE can change the world.  

And it can help all you meet, too.  As I sat there, I began to connect with my rose quartz and I began to send pink healing light and abundant love to Nikki.  I visualized her surrounded in pink.  I covered myself with pink light to help calm me and to remind me that Nikki's pain is not mine.  I let this pink light flow (which so happens to be my intention for this moon cycle).  As I looked as my rose quartz wand, I noticed a blemish.  HOW PERFECT!  What a beautiful reminder that we all have flaws and the flaws are what make us beautiful, special, unique (be sure to check out the rose quartz blemish in the pic below).  Funny how I adored this crystal even more because of the imperfection vs discarding it because of it.  

I know 2 things:  I can't change Nikki.  I can't change anyone.  They are on their own personal journey with their own soul's path.  But, I can send love, pink light and blessings to absolutely anyone!  

Try this:

As you go about your day, notice when you are in judgement of yourself or another.  And then silently send them a blessing.  Send them a smile.  Send them a dose of pink light.  Send them a silent thank you for what they have taught you.  And then notice how this changes how you feel in your body, in your outlook, in your thinking.  Notice how people respond differently to you.  And then say a silent "Thank you for this gift."  

As I continued to watch the show, I ramped up the energy and blessings even more.  I was then called to my Angel calendar.  Another gift from a special friend.  *I am blessed!  I opened to January and the message brought tears to my eyes.  Another reminder of how the angels always have my back and how they communicate to let me know they are there.  Take a look at the message on the calendar (the photo is above):

Is that confirmation or what?!  The angels always awe me.  

As you go about the rest of January,

silently bless others and remember to stop yourself when you are in judgement or pity.  

No one deserves that nonsense, but we are all deserving of blessings and love.  

Please share your own experience in the comments below.  You never know when your story will inspire someone and bless their life, too.  

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