Out with the old and in with the new....Welcome 2016!

Ahhhhh...... 2015 is gone.  And with it, my journal is full of teachings, personal growth, business growth, overwhelm, fear, loss of confidence and frustration over things I could not control, joy over the blessings in life great and small.  

It was a year of TRANSFORMATION.

As I find myself reflecting on the year past and as I am slowly....OMG, ever so slowly...trying to reintroduce myself to FACEBOOK, I am finding myself feeling so proud of myself for taking the time off social media.  I had absolutely NO IDEA what Facebook was robbing me of.  

  • Time

  • Quality relationships

  • Vocal communication

  • Peace

  • Focus

  • Productivity

  • Gratitude

Don't misunderstand, I love my Facebook friends, peers, groups, etc.  Working from a home office, this allows me some interaction during the day and fun.  But when you are a Highly Sensitive Person, it can also have a host of not so good consequences.  

By stepping back and turning off social media, I realized many reasons I was feeling so drained and pooped out.  


It's just as important to CLEAR/GROUND/PROTECT your personal energy space in your own home and before getting on social media?  

Yeah, it was an eye opener for me, too.  Who'da thought?

We are all made up of energy and as such, we can be susceptible to any energy outside of us.  When you see happy on social media, it will affect you.  When you see bitching, drama, dirty laundry, someone else's perceived perfect life/business/children/spouse/etc, it will affect you.  When you see world events or political bullshit, it will affect you.  It may be subtle.  It may be incapacitating (yes, I have met women like this...they feel deeply.), but it will affect your energy and clutter your aura.  

I have been working on RELEASING.  Letting go of that which no longer serves my highest purpose and ALLOWING all the good in the world to flow to me.  Yes, I had allowed myself to be negatively affected by social media and it was sucking the life out of me!  

Winter is the time for nourishing the adrenals and kidneys; for hibernation and restoration;  for rejuvenation and recuperation.

So what did i work on?


Meditate/Breathe Deeply

It doesn't matter if it's 5 minutes or 45 minutes, but do this daily.  If sitting quietly and attempting to still your mind is difficult for you, no worries!  It is for everyone and that's why it's called a practice.  I like to light a candle or two;  hold a crystal or put a few around my candle; then count my inhales/exhales focusing on the number or the sound of my breathe.  If there is a day that this just isn't working for me, I find a guided meditation online or use an app on my phone.  My goal is to clear my energy field, my emotions and thoughts of any negativity that might be attached to me and to raise my personal energy vibration by visualizing my chakras bright and shiny and white light radiating from my body to the universe.  One morning when meditating, I opened my eyes to find my candles has created something quite beautiful.  I then sat in awe of this creation for a few more minutes.  Take a look!

This is beauty!  It's so relaxing and ocean-like.  Every time I see it, I feel GRATITUDE.  Isn't that what life is about?


Appreciate your PRESENT STATE of being.  

I know...if you're feeling like shit and you're bummed out or stressed out, it's super hard to appreciate that state of being, but it IS possible.  By looking back over where we have been and acknowledging those experiences, both good and bad, we can see how our choices landed us where we are today, now.  And we can then begin to make a new choice for our future.  

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What am I beating myself up about?

  • What is the common thread?

  • What is this experience trying to teach me?  Hint:  Keep it positive.  The Universe/God/Spirit/Source only wants what is best for you!

  • Appreciate where you are right here and now.  Appreciate the lesson you are being shown.  Appreciate the gift in this experience.  

  • What can I let go of or what needs to be let go of so I can move forward?

Let me tell you that every winter in the midwest is the same for me.  About September (how does a body know?!) my skin dries out; new wrinkles appear; hello, eczema and itchy skin; my energy drops; my food tastes drastically change (chicken skin and pork fat, anyone??);  I feel restless;  I'm cold, no I'm hot (damn heat variances!); and I hibernate (ain't nobody wanna go out in the cold, do they?!);  simply, NOTHING SUITS and I CRAVE THE BEACH!!!!!  

But something magical happened to me this December as I was practicing meditation and mindfulness.  My realization was spurred by this picture that a friend texted to me:  


WHAT, what?! 

This made me realize that I have the OPPORTUNITY by living in the midwest during the winter months to REJUVENATE/REFLECT/REVIVE.  This, too, is why we may have darker, down, or low energy times of our lives.  Honor this time and be grateful.  Go with the flow!  You see, if I lived on the beach, I would be much too busy to retreat in the same manner.  

I now look at frigid midwest winters with a newfound peace and appreciation.  And a new acceptance.  

That leads me to one final lesson that I'm still working on....


ALLOW.  Open up to the beauty, the gifts, the joy in your life.  It is there for you!  Find those things in your life that are sucking the life out of you, write them down and make a second list of things that light your fire.  Put your focus on the things that light you up and ALLOW the things that don't serve you to fall away.  Fill your life, house, office, any personal space with things you love and make you smile or that simply fill your heart with LOVE.  

Some of my favorite things this year that I added into my life to create more ALLOWING OF JOY:

  • Christmas Eve mass

  • Christmas songs sung loudly like not a soul in the world could hear!  *Garth Brooks Christmas albums are the bombdiggity for this.  "Go Tell It on the Mountain" ;-)

  • Christmas lights!  This year has been difficult for me to take down my tree.  I love the lights!  And I let myself enjoy them this year.  Seriously, what's better than Netflix by the tree?

  • Honor the angels and Archangels for all their protection, guidance and healing.  I feel so blessed when angels are near.  I dug some of my stained glass collection out this year just so I could be reminded of them.  

I am so thankful for the gifts, awareness and rest that I received when I took the time off Facebook to reconnect with MY life again.  Initially, this felt like a challenge, but it was much more than a challenge.  And the benefits far outweighed anything I might have missed out on.  I would say I challenge YOU to take a month off Facebook, but that just doesn't have the energy around it that it deserves.  So instead.....


Looking into 2016, I'm going to be taking so much of my learning and awareness with me.  I have no intention of hopping back on the Facebook wagon.  Oh no, this year will be different and I fully intend to stay FOCUSED and on a single task.  I owe it to my adrenals.

How am I bringing in the New Year?  

My simple strategy to enter 2016 fully locked and loaded:

  • 3 Day Juice Cleanse begins tomorrow, followed by....

  • Adrenal Reset Diet w/ a Paleo infused approach to support my tired adrenals (I can't help it.  I'm type A and a perfectionist. Perfect recipe for adrenal stress.)

  • Daily Exercise that I choose intuitively (how fun is THAT?!)

  • Daily time spent w/ Spirit (prayer, meditation, mantras, detox baths, journal writing)

  • Managing my work day and schedule so that I have time for family, me and am productive

  • If I don't feel super duper excited about doing it, I will say NO.  

I am here for you, too!  I'd love to hear about your own experience with any or all of these strategies.  Just reply in the comments below.  

How can I support you on your journey to find your sacred self?