True gratitude....

As many of you may know I began a spiritual journey and personal transformation a few years ago.  Recently I embarked on a Shaman apprenticeship.  This has resulted in the practice of coaching with my Mesa open when I'm working with clients and even when I'm doing my own personal work throughout the day.  

Working with Spirit can sometimes be frustrating when you are learning your unique way of connecting;  sometimes progress is not remarkable nor is it tangible.  Often times it feels like progress has stalled and I am being taught to be humble and trust.  

My most current Mesa.

My most current Mesa.

With my Mesa open, surrounded by good energy in my sacred space, with my dog snoring beside me, I coach.  And today something magical happened.  

The session I'm referring to today was all about CELEBRATION.  I wanted to help this client see how far she'd come, how she has created a new normal and to acknowledge how much she has truly transformed her relationship with food, which in turn is spilling over into a new relationship to herself, her family, her peers....her life.  

As we discussed her victories, I was overcome with the most loving energy, so profound.  I could feel CELEBRATION in the core of my being.  

This was not pride or ego.  I had not done the work.  

This was not about my coaching skills.  

This was not about simple weight loss and choosing to eat 'healthy' foods.  

This was not something a diet could produce.  

I was simply given the gift of being by her side and witnessing change.  I have held this client in a very high vibration and she has shown up powerfully to do her work.  I heard and saw Spirit celebrating with us via fireworks and high fives.  

I was privileged to feel her personal gratitude.  THIS is the gift of an empath.  

Today, I was given the gift of stepping into my highest self, connecting full on and speaking my truth and I was gifted.  I was gifted the privilege of experiencing true gratitude for another human being.  To feel true joy at the success of a sister.  

I find myself wanting to sit in this energy of gratitude for awhile.  It fills me up and feels so complete.  

I am reminded why I do this work.  Why it is so deeply healing and important to women in our world right now.  The world is changing and the world needs us to get back to our sacred self.  

The world needs more goddesses.  

I'm ready to step into that role.  I'm here to announce to the world, YES.  I'm ready for more of this!  

Gratitude is addicting....

If you are ready to step into a new version of yourself and create a new normal, say, "YES," to your self, too. Your inner goddess awaits.  

I'd love to hear how you connect to your inner goddess.  Please share in the comments below or hop on over to my Facebook group to share in a positive, supportive community.