What's so important about detox?

What exactly IS the big deal about detox?  Have you noticed everyone under the sun is running a detox program or selling some sort of MLM detox gimmick?  Sure, you can detox specifically to lose weight.  You can purchase fancy pills, shakes, wraps, etc and run your body through a rigorous regimen of timed supplements and get some results.  You can also simply eat cleaner and by cleaner, I mean super clean focusing on foods that are in season, contain higher life force energy and that make you feel good, but what I find that makes all the difference in the world for me, is knowing my WHY and looking at what I can bring INTO my life to nourish myself.  

Let's look at the big mofa here.  That's coach talk for your big MOTIVATING FACTOR.  Let me tell you a little secret....it's not to lose weight.  It's not to look better.  It's not to have more energy.  It's not to improve your digestion.  It's not even to really improve your health.  Don't look at me like I have 3 heads.  I'm totally serious.  Dig deeper, love.  Your mofa is much bigger and so much more motivating than 5 pounds on the scale.  Trust me.  

I dare you to mull this thought over and write it out.  I like to do this in levels.  Ask yourself why, then feel free to write 'weight loss', now get more specific:  lose 20 pounds.  

Ok, great!  Now let's dig deeper.  What will losing 20 pounds do for you?  Hmmm....maybe you next write down something like:  I could wear my favorite jeans and they'd look great.  I could run faster.  I would have more energy.  

Wonderful! Keep going, gorgeous.  You're so close.  What else would having more energy, looking great in your jeans and running faster give you?  Could it be a feeling of sexy?  Confidence?  Empowerment?  Satisfaction?  Courage?  Freedom? What is it for you?  


Yes, detoxing the body is important for the physical body, but did you know it's also important for the energy body?  What's the energy body?  Basically, your aura.  It's important to keep your energy field clean.  Think about how you feel when you are with toxic people or in a toxic situation.  Yuck, right?  There are many ways to clear your energy field and your thoughts, but today I only want to focus on how detoxing the body affects your energy field.  

Did you know that by cleaning out the body from the inside, you are getting rid of not only tangible sludge that adds weight to your body and contributes to sluggish elimination, but you are also releasing old emotions that are lodged in your body?  How FREAKING cool is that?!  This is why during a detox program you might experience mood swings or angry outbursts, lack of patience and you could be left sitting there wondering why you just flipped that person off for passing you.  Or something like that.  It's the glorious benefits of releasing that which no longer serves you and it's damn exciting.  When you release anger that has been stored in your liver for a lifetime, just imagine how much better your liver will now function without the hot, fiery energy of anger there.  Weeeeeee....I'm a goober, I know, but this is what makes detox so fascinating to me!  Forget the added bonus of losing some weight or looking amazing.  I'm all about what happens inside.  

Speaking of what's happening inside, check out that gorgeous mug of bone broth!  Detox is also about healing.  Healing from the inside out.  For years I never made the connection between emotions and how I felt.  For years, I focused on the exterior of my body and never gave the inside a second thought.  That lack of focus got me into big trouble with my digestion, adrenals, weight/metabolism and overall health.  So yes, I like to eat super clean most of the time to give my body nourishment and healing, but again, that's not the main reason I get so excited about detox.  

Let me cut to the chase here.  What trips my trigger about detoxing the body?  The SOUL

You may be thinking what the hell is she talking about?  What has the soul got to do with eating super clean, releasing old emotions and healing from the outside in?  Whackadoodlelady

This is so darn cool!  When you detox and remove all the gunk that isn't good for  your body, release those shitty emotions and increase your energy vibration guess what starts to happen?  You raise your frequency creating more positivity in your life!  You begin to connect on a deeper level with your intuition!  You are able to hear your psychic wisdom clearer!  Your aura is more pure!  

If you can't see me right now, and you can't, let me tell you, I'm beaming with excitement!  This is my MOFA when it comes to detox.  Nothing else excites me more or motivates me to clean my act up like raising my consciousness.  I have turned my health around by nurturing my soul.  If you've worked with me before, you are familiar with my term "soul food" which is everything NOT on your plate.  Your food is important, but soul food is where it's at, baby.  

As I invite you to start looking within yourself to discover what truly feeds your soul, I'll share with you some of the ways I nourish mine.  Here are some simple ways to nourish your soul:  


Step 1:  Declutter 

This is just one example of how to declutter your space, your life, to make room for all the new that is coming your way.  Decluttering space is a perfect metaphor for also releasing clutter in the mind.  I always know when I clean out something like a drawer, the closet, a storage area, that BIG changes are coming for me.  The other way to do this is to set the intention of clearing space and watch what opens up for you. So get to work and toss all the things and stuff that doesn't serve you.  To bring in a bit of soul to this, journal or write down on strips of paper those things you want to release and burn them at the full moon.  The full moon is a great time to release as the next moon phase is all about dissolving and shedding anyway.  I had a client once who came up with her own ritual and she wrote on helium balloons with a Sharpie, then released.  No matter how you choose to do it, start the process and get rid of the clutter.  

Step 2:  Nourish Your Body

Clean up your diet.  Ditch the sugar, the processed crap, fried foods and anything that doesn't make you feel awesome.  Sure, you can do a detox, but look at the long term.  Eating a gluten free diet can clear up a sticky aura and bring more clarity to your 3rd eye chakra.  Going dairy free can bring your 3rd eye back into focus and make your aura crystal clear.  Dairy causes a mucous like film on your aura.  Cut back on alcohol.  Alcohol numbs your intuitive connection.  Which, actually, is one reason it's so appealing to those who are empathic and intuitive.  It's hard to process all the emotions and messages you are picking up on a daily basis!  Cut it out and learn how to manage your energetic boundaries.  Trust me, it will help a TON!  I've done this and now I coach women how to do this.  

Step 3:  Feed Your Soul

What does your soul want?  What are you craving deep down?  Is it travel?  Is it painting?  Maybe it's learning something new or doing something you never thought you could?   Some of my favorite soul foods are meditation, tarot/oracle cards, charting lunar energy as it connects to mine, calling on angels for support and guidance and using my crystals.  Here's my newest favorite crystal, aqua aura.  Oh my, she's beautiful, yes?  

This full moon phase, I set my jar of water out to absorb the energy of the full moon and I made a rose quartz elixir.  What is that?  Here's the picture:  

My rose quartz has properties of promoting love and acceptance.  Who couldn't use a little extra love and acceptance?  So she got to enhance my moon water and infuse it with those loving qualities.  Remember, nourishing from the inside out, too!  

Step 4:  Notice the Universe Conspiring to Support You

I know;  that sounds a little odd, right?  But it's so true!  Have you ever found a feather?  A penny?  Do you all of a sudden notice a certain animal?  This is synchronicity and magic happening for you!  Appreciate it, thank God, the universe, angels, for this sign that they've got your back and be gracious.  Last summer I realized that squirrels were showing me what I needed more of in my life.  What would that be?  I was working too hard.  I needed to add play and fun into my life, my work.  Have you ever noticed that squirrels do both at the same time?  Lately I noticed I have a new kind of bird at my feeders.  One I've never EVER seen before.  It's a purple finch, although the little suckers are red.  What are they trying to make me see?  One of the symbolisms of this bird is that it is unafraid to show what makes it's heart sing.  *Now you know why I am writing this blog!  You can Google spirit animals or animal totems to find the symbolism for your animal messenger.  It's very interesting.  I will also share with you that this isn't the only time I've been told this in the last 2 weeks.  I guess it was time to take a leap of faith and just sing, huh?  Anyway, here's a picture of my little messengers:  

Step 5:  Focus on the Positive

Sometimes during detox it can get rough.  Your body may be hurting at it releases the old shit.  You may have feelings or memories coming up that you would rather forget.  This is the time to really focus on your gifts and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  What is the positive experience those feelings really want you to have?  This was a really difficult paradigm for me to get my head around for a long time.  I worked really hard at removing the belief that negative behaviors, thoughts, patterns had a positive intention for me and when it finally started to click, it was eye opening.  Imagine finding the positive intention behind something that you have been beating yourself up about, for example, and having a new found appreciation for where you are now.  That is when you can finally release the repeating pattern of behavior or thinking that keeps you stuck.  It's really a beautiful thing!  Focusing on the positive doesn't mean walking around pretending you're sunshine and happiness, but it does mean looking at things from a new perspective.  The universe, your soul, only wants what will serve your highest good.  Open to the positive and allow yourself to see the gifts even in what seems to be bad.  

I hope this gives you a new perspective on detox and why I get so excited about it.  No, it's not for everyone, but it can certainly help those who want a different approach to health, healing and connection.  My hope for you is that you begin to nurture your soul and your physical body for more reasons than just a number on a scale.  You are wonderful and perfect just as you are now.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this approach to health.  Does this resonate with you?  What are you excited about trying?  Do you have questions?  Shoot me an email (tori@you-by-design.com) or leave a comment.  

Many blessings!