Hello, autumn!

Yesterday was the autumnal equinox.  This is the day when dark and light are balanced and we get equal day and night time.  If you are choosing to live more consciously with the energetic flow of the universe and to be more mindful, this is a time to PREPARE for the winter, CELEBRATE THE HARVEST and be thankful for all the gifts and blessings in your life and really enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Like the growing season and the changing of the weather, we, too, undergo seasons setting intention, transformation, rejuvenation, renewal, recycling and hibernation.  You may or may not be aware of these natural ebbs and flows to your existence.  

But, you may also find that you are more in-tune than you ever realized.  

I was at yoga class the other day and the yogi kept reminding us to breathe.  She kept reminding us to connect to our bodies.  This was the first time ever that the saying, "We are Spiritual beings having a human experience" made sense to me.  I was intrigued by the fact that we have to be taught how to be in this body of ours.  

We have to be taught to recognize how it feels, what it needs, how to feed it, how to move it, how to sleep, how to.... The list goes on.  

I can remember trying to breast feed for the first time and getting so frustrated.  I thought this was something that I would naturally know how to do and that my body was made to do this, but it wasn't that simple.  It took work.  It took patience.  It took consistent and relentless effort and determination to make it work.  I wasn't that good at it.  

I'm not always that good at being

IN my body, either.  

Yesterday I was in the gym.  I was looking around between sets and noticed a sign.  It struck me.  I felt that same slap on my head.  "Fall into taking care of you."  That's what it said.  

Again, I'm sitting there thinking.  And getting excited.  WHY don't we get more excited to take good care of our bodies?  

Why do so many dread the gym and exercise all together?

Why do people resist clean, simple food?  

Why do we think we need more and more material things in this world when being the best version of ourselves would yield greater satisfaction?  

I have no answer for this.  I only have some tips for what you can do to enjoy not only being IN your body, but also settling in and making a smooth transition into autumn.  If you think about the seasons for a second, the spring is all about planting seeds (goals, intentions, new projects, etc), the summer is about tending to that and allowing the seeds to grow, the fall is about reaping the harvest and rejoicing that you have all that you need to take you through the colder, darker winter months when it is a perfect time to retreat, go within, rejuvenate and rest.  We, too, are like the plants.  Think about the cycle of the flowers, for example.  Now relate that to your energy in the way that you know it already.  Such as 'spring fever' or how you might crave football and chili at the first brisk fall day.  

YES!  That is your connection to your inner knowing, your body, your Spirit.  Cool, right?  

Taking care of YOU is your biggest priority.  And I want to see you get excited about doing it!  

My top tips to help you get started falling in love with taking care of you as we move into autumn.

1). Explore the fresh produce of the season. Prepare a new recipe and try a new late harvest vegetable.  Butternut squash is amazing and so versatile.  Turnips, collard greens, potato to name a few.  Apples, hello!  

2). Incorporate a self-care, detox practice into your daily routine.  Dry skin brushing is great for this time of year.  Tongue cleaning.  Oil pulling.  Diffuse essential oils to uplift your moods and energy levels.  Go to bed a bit earlier and enjoy the longer nights.  Get a massage.  

3). Breathe new life into your workout.  Is there something on your bucket list you'd like to try?  Autumn would be a great time to do this!  Belly dancing?  A new yoga class?  Hire a personal trainer?  Join a cross fit gym and make new workout buddies?  How about a hike on a nature trail so you can take in the fall foliage?  Revamp your current routine and get excited again!  

4). Cook!  Buy a new cookbook or search the web for inspiration.  Nothing nurtures your body, mind and soul like a hearty home cooked meal.  Use your crock pot or your Insta-pot and get to it!  I share recipes in my Facebook group.  Join us there for some ideas!  I love to cook, most of the time.  I especially love cooking in the fall and winter when I feel like I have more time and the food is more grounding, comforting and soul nourishing for me.  There is nothing like a house filled with the aromas of soups, stews or roasts, cooking all day.  Or homemade bread or cookies!  I have those on my bucket list this year:  bake more gluten free items.  

5). Write.  Grab your journal.  Get quiet.  Think about all you have accomplished over the summer months.  All the goals and dreams you had in the beginning of spring and how many of those you have reached.  Write them down.  Celebrate!  Then I would challenge you to think about the seasons.  What do you like?  How do you feel in your body?  Who do you want to feel instead?  Plan ahead for winter....like the squirrels are doing.  As you journey to the darker months and more retreating, what do you hope to learn?  How can you connect with your true self more?  How can you shine your light brighter?  

I would love to hear from you!  Have you experimented with any of these?  What was your experience?  What do you know is true for you when the seasons change?  Please REPLY in the comments section or send me an email tori@you-by-design.com to share your experience.  I can't wait to hear!  What's your favorite part of autumn?