Does this sound like you?

I recall a time when my children were younger, when I was so busy with their activities and needs I didn't think much about myself.  I tried to take care of myself, but I did a shitty job of it.  

One day, I recall racing to get kids picked up from school and then on the road to an activity, a sporting event or maybe both and I had this vision of myself:  Cruella Deville when she's driving her car!

Needless to say, I was feeling pulled in all directions, not taking time for myself, running on coffee and caffeine and definitely not taking the time to fuel myself properly.  I realized I needed to slow down the pace and take better care of myself.  

There are multiple ways to nurture yourself as a woman, wife, mom, sister, daughter.  But during this time of my life, I had developed some really bad habits around food, so that's what I'm going to focus on today.  



If you are at all like I was:

  • finding yourself at the drive-thru

  • skipping meals due to poor planning or lack of time

  • eating in the car as you're driving down the road

  • gulping down your food mindlessly

  • scarfing down your kids' leftovers

  • never feeling satisfied making it easy to overeat

implementing these simple techniques into your daily life will be a great start to taking back your life and your health.


  1. Remind yourself to BREATHE.  

Try 4 counts in, hold for 4 counts and breathe out for a slow 4 counts.  

Try 4 counts in, hold for 4 counts and breathe out for a slow 4 counts.  

You don't have to spend a lot of time in meditation, which honestly would have set me on edge at that time of my life, but just remember to breathe.  As simple as this sounds, I often hold my breathe when I feel anxious, fearful, worried, stressed.  Maybe you do, too?  Take time to notice what you are feeling and then take a few nice, deep breaths.  You might even try practicing breathing first thing in the morning before you get out of bed.  Definitely take a few seconds before each meal to breathe and connect to your body.  Check in.  

2. SIT when you eat. 


Regardless of where or what you're doing when it's meal time, take the time to stop what you're doing and sit still.  When I find myself rushing around to get things done and there are other things I'd rather do than eat, I find myself eating at the counter, the kitchen sink, grabbing a bite straight from the fridge or eating while driving.  Ugh!!!!   When I catch myself doing this, my mantra is:


There have been several times my kids have walked in to find me eating in the middle of the kitchen floor.  "Mom, what are you DOING?!"  Well, I'm slowing life down and taking back time for myself.  I'm helping my digestion and I'm connecting to my food and my body.  So, stop, drop and eat.  Your digestion will thank you!  


3. CHEW slowly.


I know for myself when life feels hectic and I get wound up too tightly, I tend to gulp my food.  

Gulping your food results in bloating, gas, overall digestive discomfort and you really haven't even enjoyed a single bite!  What's the point?  

Digestion begins in your mouth the second saliva comes in contact with your food.  Saliva helps break down your food so the body can assimilate and absorb the nutrients.  You owe it to your body to chew slowly and completely so your body gets the nourishment it needs, your mind gets the satisfaction from eating that it needs and your soul feels nourished and taken care of, too.  


These are the top 3 things I have to constantly remind myself to do when life gets hectic.  I have noticed such a big difference in my own digestion, food preferences and overall state of be-ing when I incorporate these simple tricks in my daily life.  The minute I catch myself standing at the counter and eating or walking around with my food, I stop and drop. 

No matter where I am, I stop and drop if I have food in my hand. 

No matter what you're eating or where, sit down.  Even if you're hitting a drive-thru, pull over in the parking lot and stop to eat your food. 

Life is precious and yours to enjoy every minute, why waste it not being present?  

Give these techniques a try over the next week and check back with me.  Let me know what you noticed, if it helped, what your thoughts are.  I can't wait to hear how this works for you and what you're more aware of now!