Effortless Weight Loss

Ditch the Diet, Ditch the Scale & Drop the Weight


Sit back, take a deep breath, get curious and get ready to transform your relationship with your body and food!


Welcome to the Effortless weight loss program 


Let's get started...


Before we can begin, I will need you to read and sign the Client Agreement.  This can be done online, just fill it in, save and email back to me.  You can also print it out, sign and mail it to me or scan and email.  



Let's get you on the schedule!  This is your link to schedule your sessions.  


Next you'll need to download all your program guides.  


But, is an apple healthy for YOU?  


The Details...

6 Weekly In-person or Virtual Private Sessions

  • 1-1.5 hour weekly meetings for experiential exercises, coaching, and more.  You will have all your questions addressed, too.  

Private & Exclusive Online Support Group  

  • This is a private Facebook support group that will give you unlimited access to me, your coach, and to your fellow Wellness Warriors.  Bonus Files will be shared here, too!    

Program E-guides Delivered to Your Inbox                        

  • The foundation of your program.  A simple 14 day meal plan for quick weight loss and 28 day meal plan to guide you through creating your new lifestyle in a format to support you with clean eating, eliminating problematic foods FOR YOU, and so much more, allowing us to focus on other aspects for creating a vibrant and radiant life you truly love during our weekly meetings.  

These basic foundational guides will include:

14 Day Shred Program

28 Day Thrive Program

Suggested Daily Menus

Over 50 Chef Created Recipes included (gluten free is no problem with this program!)

Simple Daily Outline

How to Deal with Cravings

Blank Meal Planner

So much more…..



  • The program runs 6 weeks, but the downloadable files are yours forever.



Crystal Mojo Bag

  • You will learn how to create your own medicine bag with crystals for support along your journey and how to work with it.  Materials will be provided for you.     

15ml bottle of Doterra's Slim & Sassy Essential Oil

  •  This is a weight loss supplemental essential oil that helps manage your appetite, blood sugar and curbs cravings.  

I’m so excited to be sharing this program with you!  I love, love, love when my clients connect to their food on an energetic level and realize that something they’d always thought was healthy, just isn’t that great for them. Being able to practice this is one giant step to empowerment and designing your personal blueprint for weight loss with ease. You will be amazed and learn so much about yourself and why DIETS DON’T WORK!  





Total Investment for this program is only


*Payment Plan Available

One Time Payment:

    $597  Due at time of enrollment.

Payment Plan:

    $300 Non-refundable Down Payment to reserve your spot.  Due at time of enrollment.  

    $300 Payment 2, due one month later (or prior to week 4 of program)  Automatic enrollment, credit card required.


Space is very limited! 

Are you ready to commit to a new lifestyle and ditch diets forever?  


Are you ready to unlock the hidden foods that may be tripping you up in your weight loss efforts?


Have you hit a plateau with your weight loss and want to step it up to the next level?


Are you ready to live by your own rules

To create your unique eating program and experience

Effortless Weight Loss?


I can’t wait to connect with you!

Cheers to new experiences, 



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