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WELLNESS is not just what your weight is, what you're eating, if you lift weights or lift bon-bons. It's about the entire YOU.

I believe:

FOOD is the FOUNDATION. You can't out run a shitty diet, just like you can't improve your health on junk. Eat whole food, raise your vibration, support your body's systems and things will begin to fall into place.

WHO you are BEING, THINKING, as you go about your life, is your mental health. What do you believe is true for you? What do you make things in your life mean about you? How can you break through mental blocks to your health, success, and more?

SPIRIT/SOUL is the cherry on top. This is your highest self and when you know this part of yourself, you treat the thinking and physical part of yourself better. Not

because you have to, but because you want to. To connect with this part of yourself, you have to clear the clutter of the attachments to those around you on an energetic level. You have to get quiet. You have to go within. You have to listen, connect and trust. Your SOUL will tell you what you need to do to heal your body, for example. I want to help you find her/him, connect and nourish that relationship that spans across time, through a veil to a place that only you can see.

THIS is the essence of my online community. If you are interested in whole food, clean eating as a lifestyle and health promoting way of being;  you aren't afraid to ask questions, answer questions and give support and you have a positive upbeat attitude, I'd love to have you join me!