Thank you for committing to change and to revitalizing your wellbeing.  I'm so excited to get started with you on your journey.  ~Tori


I’m sure you’re ready to dive in and start your clean eating program. Each week is broken down separately, so it’s all outlined for you. There are BONUS handouts and guides, as well. Take your time, get curious, experiment with your food, exercise and self-care and enjoy the process. Come connect with me over in my online community and feel free to ask any questions you have there.  


Join the WELLNESS WARRIORS community where you will find support, recipes, and learn more about how I fuse the energetics of food with sacred daily practice to create radiant health, positive mindset and to live a truly magical life.

For best results and easy access, download and print each file and keep them in a binder. I keep mine in my kitchen most of the time for easy access to the recipes. For a family of 4, you’ll need to double most of these recipes. Pro tip: Double up anyway and cook less! I love leftovers and ready made meals for the week.

Let’s get started!


Commit to Change…

pave the way for a new you!


Food Focus…

Get ready to be nourished.


Putting yourself first…

it’s not selfish, it’s self-care.


Exercise is key…

and you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to create a healthier you.


Get ready to feel nourished…

All recipes are naturally gluten free and dairy free.


Suggested Meal Plans to make life much easier


Just print and go!

Healthy eating can be easy.


Bonus handouts and materials

to help you take your healthy habits to the next level and answer frequently asked questions.