When was the last time you felt truly heard and understood?

When was the last time you felt truly heard and understood?

"How did you do this? You nailed this...nailed me. All I can say is 'Oomphf.' You are amazing." Leslie ~ Wisconsin

Thanks, Tori. Your health coaching changed my life! Sharon ~ Missouri



Does this sound like YOU?

You are a natural health enthusiast, or at least want to be. 

You aren't feeling your best, but can't exactly identify what's going in with your body, your weight, your energy, your overall zest for life and your medical doctor tells you you're fine.  

You already eat a healthy diet, or you think you do, at least and you exercise.

You are so tired of feeling restricted, starved or beating yourself up over foods that are labeled bad for you. 

You know or suspect you may be a highly sensitive person or empathic and this leads to a whole list of other issues that are causing you problems.  

You have read every book, joined all the groups you can, you are learning and trying to apply what you've learned, but you are getting stuck in information overload and analysis quick sand.  It's frustrating! 

You are ready to feel good in your skin, love your body, look forward to your life and gain a stronger sense of self, but you want to do it a new and different way.

Does this pretty much describe you?   

If it does, you may be ready for the next step.....


A wellness consult 


Sometimes you just need someone to help you see the forest through the trees and to help you declutter the gunk that is getting in your way.  

  • Eat this, not that.  

  • Good for you, not good for you.  

  • This diet is THE one perfect way to eat.  

  • What's the best exercise program for me?

  • I know I need better self-care, but I don't know where to start.

  • How can I improve my digestion?

  • My doctor said I need to reduce my stress, but just thinking about it causes me stress!

  • I just want to avoid illness, medications and need some help cleaning up my diet.  Help!  


I'm sure you know the drill.  I'm here to help answer your questions about which dietary theory is potentially helpful for your unique body and lifestyle.  Better yet, I'm here to help you learn to design your own way of eating that makes you feel full of energy, look radiant and have better health!  

What is you already eat really well, enjoy cooking your own food and what is on your plate is working for you and your goals?  

Great!  But, something is still off.  You're still struggling with personal boundaries, relationships, and you really desire a deeper connection to not only others, but your inner self.  This is where a Wellness Consultation can really help pinpoint some issues going on your life that are causing you to feel blocked and out of whack with your desires.  It's not always just the food on your plate that holds you back.  


Schedule your Wellness Consultation

I will help you:

  • Get clear on what you truly want to create or the goal you want to reach.

  • Gain clarity on what steps you need to take to get closer to your goal.

  • Set 3 clear, simple, easy to implement action steps to start right away. 

  • Bring the fun back into getting healthy and add some spice back into your day.

  • Reduce the weight on your shoulders so you can relax and have a better idea of what you need to do to feel grounded, at ease, relaxed and confident so that the extra weight on your body can release, too.



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